a collaborative research on collective urbanism.

Call for Collaboration

We we’re asking for Collaboration on the nettimes Mailinglist of Amsterdam’s Institute for Network Cultures.

Please find this entry here.


original call for papers for international geography congress 2012 in cologne :


our accepted work piece :


In focus: demography


Like this image represents the interconnectedness of several people in a case study,
we’re now approaching the phase of collecting data about several Public Space Invaders,
wheather as a Collective, as a Person or in Projects, to form a, maybe similiar to the image, visualization of their connections.

For this research, these groups and people are being found within the activists scenes around Paris / FRA and Berlin / GER .
In a second step entries from both cities will be compared.
Examples of examined groups are raumlaborberlin or Exyzt / Paris.

Help us to create the underlying data to the later phases “Chronography” and “Essay”,
which may lead to a description of heterotopian urban structures.

Question forms are available for:



If you know someone we might end up not including, don’t hesitate to contact us, either by mail or comments.

Public Space Invaders

Ourselves being actors in public space, we’ve chosen our own field of interventionists as a research subject.
In a collaborative research we try to find out how our collaborative efforts might emerge into heterotopias.

In reference to our research program, defined as this
Public Space Invaders - Research Programme,
we’re collecting data about the networked structures of public space invaders.

Those we call groups that use techniques of architectural or urban planning to intervene into public space,
which also relates to the context of urban interventions.

Now as we come by asking wheather we already see the emergence of structures practically called Heterotopia
– might there even be a Heteropolis thinkable?